Onset: Pain-Free Injections

Onset - the revolutionary pain-free dental injection is here!

Please listen to an audio message from Dr. Elward about Onset, the new, pain-free dental injection.

More about Onset:

Although dentistry has made great strides in the last century, one thing has essentially remained the same—the injection, which is a source of anxiety, even fear, for many. No more! I’m delighted to announce that we can now offer our patients a truly painless dental injection, made possible through a revolutionary new system called Onset.

Very simply, Onset works with your body’s natural chemistry to not only make the injection virtually pain free, but decrease the time it takes to become numb. Now, instead of waiting 10 to 15 minutes, it only takes one or two. Don’t let fear of pain from an injection keep you or someone you love from taking care of their dental health needs.  You don’t have to—not any more, thanks to Onset. Please share this good news with your family and friends - they'll thank you!